Brazil is well known for its culture, which comprises of music, dance, football, and food. The South American country is blessed with rich varieties of foods that will delight your taste buds. Brigadeiro is one of them – a famous Brazilian dessert that is tasty and delicious. The name “brigadeiro” means “brigadier” in English; named after Brigadier Eduardo Gomes in the 1940s. The brigadeiro, also called Brazilian chocolate truffle is a sweet, dense little chocolate ball that will fill your stomach. It’s delicious and scrumptious taste makes it a popular dessert in Brazil that can be enjoyed at any time of the day.

Brazilian chocolate truffle is made by mixing sweetened condensed milk, powder chocolate, and butter and rolled into a ball-like shape. The famous brigadeiro is so simple to make and can be enjoyed by anybody and everybody. Many locals prefer coated chocolate sprinkles while others prefer using rainbow sprinkles, depending on preference. For some, it is used as a topping for brownies, cakes, and other pastries making them perfect for launch, or anytime else. Truth be told, no Brazilian kid’s party is complete without the famous brigadeiro. The famous chocolate truffle is also an ideal treat for lovers and partners.

Even though you will find brigadeiro recipes online or you intend to visit a brigadero shop and spend many money-purchasing ingredients you cannot attempt yourself, you may not get the traditional method of preparing brigadeiro. Why don’t you visit a restaurant that specialises in Brazilian traditional dishes?

Several restaurants in the UK offer sumptuous Brazilian meals such as the Brazilian chocolate truffle. Amazingly, anyone who tries this delicious chocolate truffle for the first time becomes addicted to it. Brigadeiro can be enjoyed at holiday time with old friends and colleagues at the Brazil Avenue Restaurant . It is so incredible that everyone who tastes them asks for more.


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