Food is an integral part of the Brazilian culture. The culture contributes a lot when it comes to the cuisine. Brazilian food is incredible, and this is one of the main reasons tourist travel to Brazil – to try some of the local cuisines. A lot of people love to eat Brazilian cuisine because they are unique in different ways. The taste, aromas, and unbelievable cooking style are on display all over the country. One amazing thing is that Brazilian foods are very cheap and can suit all budgets without altering your preference. The main ingredients are rice, meat, vegetable, beans, and coconut.

Feijoada is Indeed a True Delight

Feijoada is the most popular dish in Brazil which comprises black beans stew with pork and beef, usually served with rice. It is the national dish of Brazil and it’s extremely tasty and filling. It is a heavy dish that must be on your menu.

Acai berry and its benefits

The Acai berry is very common in Brazil. It can be eaten or produced into juices. Acai berry has antioxidant properties that can help to protect the heart and prevent cancer.

You Can’t Afford to Miss Moqueca

The moqueca is a rich stew that is made with fish or seafood, pepper, coconut milk, and dendê palm oil. This meal is highly nutritious; one you can’t afford to miss.

Arroz e Feijão is worth Trying Out

Arroz e Feijão is a combination of rice and black beans. This sumptuous meal is served with fish, chicken or meat, along with salads. It is a traditional food that is worth trying out.

Picanha will Wreck Havoc on Your Stomach – Endless Crave

Ever tasted a Brazilian-made barbecue? Picanha is a cut of beef that is skewered on metal spits over the flames, seasoned with kosher salt. Traditionally, it is prepared with the fat left untouched. The result gives every eater a pleasant experience.

Brazilian drinks are also as popular as the foods. You can start by ordering the famous caipirinha. The drink is made of cachaça (a Brazilian liquor), made from raw sugar cane. Caipirinha is tasty and can go down on any meal.

Eating the same food menu every day can make you feel sick; it is better to try out something new and different. Brazil Avenue Restaurant is a great place for people that enjoy good Brazilian food. There is a wide array of different types of traditional dishes which are made of essential ingredients such as meat and seafood. The national dishes that are in Brazil Avenue Restaurant will leave you inspired and satisfied.

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