Like food, football, and dance, music is an essential part of the Brazilian culture. When it comes to music, Brazilians love to enjoy every bit of it. Whether they are singing along or just dancing along, everyone gets involved in one way or the other. The Brazilian music industry consists of musicians and producers that can create something that will be pleasant to the ears of a large audience. Due to its self-sustainability and quality, Brazilian music can easily reach wider audiences.

Also, technological advancement and the easy access to the internet have influenced the popularity of Brazilian music globally. Over the last few years, Brazilian music genre has influenced others from other parts of the world.  With innovative rhythms and beats, people from other regions now share this huge part of the Brazilian culture.

There are so many music genres in Brazil but this article highlights the most popular ones which you may be familiar with.


Many people remember samba as a dance, but this isn’t true. Indeed, samba is a type of Brazilian dance but it is also a type of Brazilian music as well. In fact, it is among the most popular genres of music in Brazil and widely considered as Brazil’s national musical style. Samba is an upbeat type of music that relies on the beat of congas and drums. This style of music is unique to Brazilians and other African countries where it originated from.

Bossa Nova

Bossa Nova is a slow type of music that is closely related to jazz. It was invented by Joao Gilberto and it’s known to have a relaxing effect. This makes Bossa Nova one of the best music genres to listen to after a stressful day at work. This kind of music is expressed as more harmonious complex and less percussive.

Afro-Brazilian Hip Hop

This is one of the most recent music genres that have gained popularity lately. The Afro-Brazilian Hip Hop genre is a mix of rhythms from African culture and Native Brazilian Indian culture. The quality of this music genre is remarkable in that it is now enjoyed in every part of Brazil.


Pagode is a Brazilian style of music that has the characteristics of samba. This music style which originates from Rio de Janeiro, combines the characteristics of samba i.e. the lyrics, the beat, and the feeling in one song.

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